Today I’m reviewing a selection of wheat beers. Weiss beers add wheat and unique yeast flavours to the mix and are often associated with good food and beer festivals. Apart from the familiar German Weiss beers, Belgian varieties are flavoured with coriander and citrus peel. Note: Weiss beers are really refreshing and are perfect for even people who don’t ordinarily drink beer (you know who you are, you weirdos).

Today I review a few local craft varieties as well as some imported ones.

Brewers and Union Steph Weiss.

(5% ABV; 500ml, bottled)

Color: Hazy pale straw with foamy white head.

Aroma: feint malt and bread like yeast.

Taste: characteristic flavors of crisp wheat and floral notes from the malt. The Weiss yeast also provides its own contribution of slight bread-like flavors. Overall a bracing, refreshing beer with good, moderate effervescence–not overly fizzy like many in this style. The fruit and grain flavours are very well balanced to make for a well rounded brew.

Robson’s Wheat Beer.

(5% ABV; 550ml, bottled)
Color: hazy straw

Aroma: medicinal, slight coriander

Taste: this is an odd beer. It starts out with a slight fruitiness but finishes with a sharp, overly sour citrus bite. Aftertaste is medicinal and very phenolic, with a bitter citrus peel note.

Overall this beer is not well integrated, despite being of a Belgian style, which makes me more forgiving of strange flavour profiles. While all the constituents of a witbier is present, they are not in the correct relationship. This is a poorly balanced brew with potentially serious flaws.

Unfortuantely, I’m hard pressed to find a redeeming feature here.

Maisel’s Weisse (Original)

(5.2% ABV; 500ml, bottled)

Color: Hazy dark golden

Aroma: cloves and bubblegum notes

Taste: This beer has a lovely aroma and initial tastes of fruit (citrus and apple) and mineral maltiness. The aftertaste is yeasty and reminiscent of toast. Overall, this is a really authentic, tasty example of the style.

Definitely a beer that calls out for food pairing. I’d also want one (or more) of these on a hot day–very refreshing!

Drayman’s Altstadt Hefe Weissbier

(4% ABV; 1l, bottled)

Color: hazy pale straw

Aroma: Slight cloves and spice

Taste: This Weiss is more grain-forward than the others I’ve tasted in this post, but has a slight fruitiness to bring everything together. A very balanced finish with earthy hops rounding out the malt to produce a memorable mouthfeel. A refreshing and palate cleansing local Weiss!

Erdinger Weissbier (Mit Hefe)

(5.3% ABV; 500ml, bottled)

Color: Hazy yellow

Aroma: Tart citrus

Taste: Erdinger is massively popular worldwide, and the taste of this beer shows why.
Despite the tart aroma, the flavour is well balanced fruit and malt, with a crisp, mineral finish. Aftertaste is very moreish, with a slight hint of apple and spice.

This macro Weiss has very little to complain about. Habit forming and complex, it’s definitely a well crafted wheat beer.