We are extremely stoked, proud and nervous to announce the launch of a new page here on Beginner Brewer: The IPA Leaderboard.

What’s this all about?

We are embarking on a singular, crazy mission to sample, enjoy (sometimes not) and rate every single IPA we can get our hands on.

Will we succeed? Probably not.

Will it be fun?

Hell yeah!

Check it out:

Go visit the page and check in regularly to see how your favorite IPA was rated . . .


  1. Hans Havenga

    Hi there.
    I see you are mainly going for the “bigger” craft brewers. (Possibly because of availability) I recommend next time your are in the Cape thay you make a visit to Soul Barrel (Franschoek) and LillyPatrick to try their IPA’s as well

    • Harper

      Thanks Hans! I visited Soul Barrel last year and loved what they’re doing there. Yep – we’ll definitely be reviewing some of their beers once we get our hands on them. Thanks for reading!


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