(340ml, Bottled, 4.25 % ABV)

Before the Pour

Matt’s view: Interesting label. Not too sure about the goat/nail motif, but it’s certainly distinctive. My favorite part of the branding is definitely the bottle. Unique and stands out from the crowd. But the claim on the label that it’s “Master-brewed?” That’s for us to decide, methinks.

Marcel’s view: I like the blue hue of the label. Nice. Certainly stands out in both design and bottle shape. The Redrock embossing on the glass is a nice touch–that must have cost a bit, I’m sure. I like that they’ve got some info on the brewery as well as the style of beer (amber ale). Well done on that!

In the Glass

Matt’s view: Not much on the aroma-front. Which is curious. A bit of caramel but not much. Golden color which is nice and clear. 
The lack of aroma unfortunately crosses over to the taste. Bland and disappointing. Good mouthfeel though. With a name like Nine Inch Ale, I’d expect a way more aggressive flavor. Not much of a lasting aftertaste, either.
Marcel’s view: A bit light in color for an amber ale, I’d have expected a deeper color. Some very slight toffee aromas, which is worrying, especially for an amber ale. Even for a milder ale, like a bitter or pale ale, there is very little on the nose here. Apart from that, it shows no flaws, which is a good thing.
Taste is quite bland, a bit blah, really. Some maltiness but so feint that it’s difficult to pin down. Despite claiming to contain Simcoe hops, I don’t pick up much of that. More grassy than piney. A blunt, generally one-dimensional bitterness that doesn’t really satisfy. Nine Inch Ale? Underground rock-inspired? I don’t think so. It’s far too middle of the road. More Nickleback than Nine Inch Nails.
On the plus-side, it’s clean and without obvious flaws. So there is that.

Will it go to Mars?

If we could only take one beer with us to Mars, would this one be in the cargo hold?

Matt: No. Nice bottle to look at on the long journey there, but nope.

Marcel: Nope. The cargo hold will contain other beers, I’m afraid.

The Scores



Final Verdict

A competently made, ultimately bland beer that does not live up to its own marketing. A case of style over substance, perhaps. 
Seems more like a macro-brewery’s interpretation of a full-bodied ale than the real thing. Exciting design elements, but not much else. Not flawed but also not very tasty. A bit of a shame, really.

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