So what’s this all about?

If you’re keen on homebrewing, you know that it’s not always easy to find good advice when you need it.

Maybe none of your friends are homebrewers, or the ones who are, are also newbies.

It’s been a long-standing problem for homebrewers to separate the helpful from the not-so-helpful tips and tricks posted in homebrewing forums as well.

So that’s why we created the Beginner Brewer Slack Channel. Becoming a member will cost you R75 per month, and you can cancel at any time.

Membership benefits

Being part of the Beginner Brewer Slack channel will give you access to:

  • On-tap brewing advice, and solid, non-nonsense answers to your questions
  • Become part of a community of beginning brewers just like you
  • Book-my-brew-day: Tell us when you’re brewing and we’ll be (virtually) present to help out and lend a hand!
  • Virtual information sessions and brew-alongs with the Beginner Brewer
  • Pretty cool stuff we’re brewing up right now and in the future!

If you’re not familiar with Slack, don’t worry. It’s super-simple to use, can work from your PC or mobile phone, and is great for like-minded people who want to collaborate and share knowledge.

How to sign up

If this sounds like your pint of ale, why not give it a shot and subscribe? You’re under no obligation to continue and can cancel at any time. You’ll go through the standard online account creation and then you’re good to go!

Take the next step by clicking the button below.


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