Here on Beginnerbrewer we’re going to be mixing things up a bit with our beer reviews. A couple of things are set to change:

  • For one, I’m no longer running my own craft brewery, so I feel that I’m allowed to review beer again without conflict of interest. Yay!
  • The beer reviews will be based on our podcast’s review section. So if you want the full version, listen to the podcast. The condensed version will be on the blog under the review section. But really, you should read the one and listen to the other!
  • You’ll notice that reviews will now feature two (and sometimes more) people’s opinions on a beer. Good one!
  • The review point system has changed. It’s now even more unscientific! See below for more detail. We wanted to keep things simple and fun. So if you’re looking for a full, exhaustive (i.e. yawn-inducing) BJCP rating, look elsewhere. To be honest though, we’ll be reviewing things that go beyond just the BJCP essentials, like branding.

Bad / Flawed beer

When we find a flawed beer, we’ll institute the following procedure:

  1. First, we’ll get some more samples from different sources to confirm the problem’s origin (brewery or outlet)
  2. Then, we’ll contact the brewer and see how they respond–maybe they want to give us another sample, and we think everyone deserves a second chance. Right?
  3. Finally, good or bad, we’ll post the review.

Why are we doing this? 

Simple. We don’t want to damage breweries or brewers who are trying their best. But we also feel obliged to warn you, dear readers, of bad beer out there. After all, this stuff ain’t cheap. And, as I’ve argued elsewhere, reviewing bad beer is ultimately good for the industry as a whole.

The New Rating System