As promised (albeit somewhat delayed), today I review Buzzard country ale, from a little craft brewery near the Outeniqua hop growers region: Misty Meadows Craft Brewery.

Buzzard Country Ale

(500ml bottled; 4% ABV)

Color: Light straw.
Aroma: Citrus and floral notes.
Taste: Right out the gate this ale tastes of zesty lemon and pine needle. It seems that the brewers have made good use of the new US-inspired hop variants SAB is growing in the region. The brew finishes with a clear, mineral aftertaste, sort of like a good Sauvignon Blanc. Buzzard Ale is a very competent, drinkable, ale that is is light enough for a session beer. It’s also a good argument for a new beer style: African Pale Ale perhaps?
 Personally, I can’t wait for their next beer! Well done!