It’s part 6 of our brewing basics series and things are getting real!

It’s time for your first brew. If you’ve brewed kits before, you’ll have a head start, but this form of extract brewing is different, with a few more steps than you’re used to.

For our first beer, we’ll be brewing a style called Best Bitter. It’s an English Pale Ale with a pleasant, herbaceous flavour and a slightly fruity finish. So really, it’s the kind of beer you want to serve to people you love.

The reason I’ve picked this style is because it’s relatively easy to find some reference beers in your local to compare your own creation to.

Some tasty examples to look out for are:
– Marston’s Pedigree Bitter
– Thwaites Lancaster Bomber Ale
– Mitchell’s Bosuns Bitter
– Darling Gypsy Mask Ale
– Drayman’s Goblin Bitter

 Beginner Brewer Best Bitter.

To brew this recipe you will need:

23 liters of sterilized, boiled water (or use bottled)

280 grams Caramel/Crystal Malt (crushed)

2 kg  Light Dry Malt Extract (DME)

340 grams Lyle’s Golden Syrup (don’t substitute with sugar–don’t!)

64 grams Fuggles Hops [4.50 %]

21 grams  East Kent Goldings Hops [5.00 %]

1 tsp (5 ml) Irish Moss

1 pkg  Nottingham Dry Ale Yeast (Lallemand) (Alternative: Use Fermentis S-04)

And, the necessary cleaning and sanitizing agents.

Some technical notes:

– OG (Original Gravity): 1.045
– FG (Final Gravity): 1.011
– ABV (Alcohol content): 4.4 %
– IBUs (Bitterness): 32

Next Time: We’ll be brewing the recipe. We will do this step-by-step and by the numbers. Before you know it, you’ll be sipping your first home-made beer. Wonderful!


  1. Tom

    Thankfully I stumbles upon your site. I have enjoyed the articles and Youtube videos I have accessed so far. Unfortunately I am unable to save any of your recipes to my Pinterest account. Not sure what the issue is. Please continue providing content for the “wanna be ” home brewers. Thank you.

    • Harper

      Thanks for the feedback, Tom! Let us know how your brewing is coming along.


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