In this episode, we take a look at the very best heist movies while drinking some of the very best beers we’ve ever had on the pod. Dare we say that your hosts, Matt and Marcel, will be stealing your ears for more beer and nerd shenanigans?

We probably shouldn’t.

Tune in to find out why Matt has a fascination with his own urine, why Marcel’s fanboy hysteria for Soul Barrel Brewing Company knows no bounds, and why we should all agree that Matt won this movie draft the way an aircraft carrier beats up a little silly rubber dingy.
Along the way you’ll be treated with such SBV staples like obsessions with font sizes, the use of the word “Pastoral” and why IPAs are more important than life, the universe, and everything.
Join us.

Beers consumed and waxed lyrical about:

Agar’s English Ale
Smack Republic Newtown Nemesis Milk Stout
Soul Barrel BC Pale Farm Table Beer
Soul Barrel BC SA Pils
Soul Barrel BC Tropical Parade IPA
Soul Barrel BS Cape Cone IPA

Heist Movie Draft

Matt’s Picks:
The Inside Man
Sexy Beast
Rogue One

Marcel’s Picks:
The Score
Three Kings
Ocean’s Eleven (2001)
Heist (2001)