It’s our IPA episode! Just in time for IPMay. We go through an impressive array of IPAs, including the New England style that looks like dishwater but tastes anything but. Matt and Marcel discuss iconic Sci-Fi stuff and debate the real meaning of “floaters”.

Matt expresses his hatred for almost all the days of the week and we uncover what is perhaps the quintessential Faux-PA in SA right now.

Don’t miss this one. Serious beer will be consumed in a non-serious fashion. You’ve been warned.

Show Notes

Music by Tiger. Visit them at
Fudge by Cheryl Amy Jones bakery. Visit them at

Beers tasted:

Devil’s Peak Blockhouse IPA
Citizen Saboteur English IPA
Devil’s Peak Juicy Lucy IPA
Riot Valve IPA
Redrock Brewing Firebird IPA
&Union Friday Uber IPA