Today I review a lovely little number from Devil’s Peak Brewing Company and one of the few proper IPAs around in the South African craft beer scene (which is a shame really).

Devil’s Peak King’s Blockhouse IPA

(500ml bottled; 6% ABV)

Colour: Copper
Aroma: Floral citrus, grapefruit.
Taste: This is a big, super hoppy beer with first tastes of perfume, resinous pine, and grapefruit. Hints of diacetyl are present but not overpowering.  There’s a lovely malty backbone that rounds out the beer. It finishes nice and dry with a slight bitter pine aftertaste.

Pair this one with strong flavours like a Thai curry or chilli dish. Also, after your second one, be warned: the hops will dominate your palate and all tastes after that will never be the same! A wonderful, wonderful hop monster of a beer indeed.

Also, kudos to Devil’s Peak BC for the great label. Craft beer also celebrates other artisans and the playful label and great design really add to the experience of having a finely brewed beer. Cheers!