Today I review another ale from Devil’s Peak Brewing Company. And it’s a corker!

Devil’s Peak First Light Golden Ale

(500ml bottled; 4.5% ABV)

Colour: Yellow-gold
Aroma: Fresh pine and citrus
Taste: This is a lovely rendition of the Golden Ale style, with some interesting deviations and notes that make this somewhat more than an entry-level craft beer. First tastes are clean citrus, grapefruit, and malt integration. It finishes long, with a biscuit-like roundness that calls out for quite a few more sips. This is really a sensational beer that satisfies the hop lover while still maintaining a very accessible, session-friendly style.

I’d give this to anyone who wants to know what craft beer is really about. It’s about balance, good ingredients, and above all: loads and loads of flavour! On the label it says that First Light is “your constant beer companion.” They’re not lying.
Well deserving of it’s (!) award.