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Episode 3: Mr. Musk, you need us

In this episode Matt and Marcel show their nerd credentials by talking about Rogue One and which beers to have during Festivus. IPAs are put inside the Thunderdome to duke it out and Matt insults Belgian carpenters! Good times.

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Episode 2: Sunken Drunken Treasure

In this episode, your hosts bemoan the curious resilience of the slop bucket at beer festivals, debate what beer appreciation is all about, and they talk to the head brewer at Drifter Brewing Company about why you’d want to hide beer at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Episode I: WTF does Saison mean?

In this episode Matt and I chat about Saisons, review Citizen’s Winter Porter, and talk about our favorite science-fiction movies. We also feature some primo SA indie Ska music by Fridge Poetry.

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