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Citizen Pacifist Winter Porter

(440ml, Bottled, 6 % ABV) Before the Pour ¬† Marcel’s view:¬†Nice label. Really stands out from the crowd. And the best part? It’s got a really nice texture. Mmm. Feel that textured paper. Definitely a favorite look...

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Misty Meadows’ Buzzard Country Ale

As promised (albeit somewhat delayed), today I review Buzzard country ale, from a little craft brewery near the Outeniqua hop growers region: Misty Meadows Craft Brewery.Buzzard Country Ale(500ml bottled; 4%...

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Devil’s Peak First Light Golden Ale

Today I review another ale from Devil’s Peak Brewing Company. And it’s a corker!Devil’s Peak First Light Golden Ale(500ml bottled; 4.5% ABV)Colour: Yellow-goldAroma: Fresh pine and citrusTaste: This...

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Devil’s Peak King’s Blockhouse IPA

Today I review a lovely little number from Devil’s Peak Brewing Company and one of the few proper IPAs around in the South African craft beer scene (which is a shame really).Devil’s Peak King’s Blockhouse...

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