Important Note:

The perceived bitterness of your beer will also be influenced by other factors, such as the chloride / sulfate ratio of your brewing water. For instance, higher sulfate levels will result in greater perceived bitterness. But for a snapshot guide to perceived bitterness, the bitterness ratio does the job.

Typical Bitterness Ratios

Different beer styles tend to work best if you stick within their typical bitterness ratios. This isn’t a straightjacket however, so use the guidelines below as you see fit!

Malty ales (e.g. Blonde Ales, Wheat beers, Belgian Trippels / Dubbels): 0.300-0.480

Brown ales and Malty lagers (e.g. Amber Lagers, Nutbrown Ales): 0.500-0.750

Porters, Lagers and Hoppy Pale Ales (e.g. Pilsners, Robust Porters, American Pale Ales): 0.700-0.850

Hop-forward Ales (e.g. IPAs, Imperial IPAs): 0.800-1.200+