Recently, we did another kick-ass demo of the BIAB method at beer school. And the recipe of the day was for a refreshing, light-but-tasty Blonde Ale.

Today, I’d like to share a killer BIAB recipe for this highly quaffable ale. Try it out and tell me how you find it!

This one is for those days when you’re out there in the wilds of your garden, battling the forces of evil. Or something. I really hate working in the garden. Just saying.

For a 19 liter (5 gal) batch, you will need:

Malt & Specialty Grains

(Milled Grains)

3.4 kg (7.5 lbs) Pale Ale Malt

280g (10 oz) Carared or similar Crystal Malt


12g (0.4 oz) Centennial @ 40 minutes

20g (0.7 oz) Cascade @ 10 minutes

30g (1 oz) Cascade in the whirlpool


1 tsp Irish Moss @ 10 minutes


11.5 g (0.5 oz) packet of US-05 Dry Yeast (re-hydrated) or similar American yeast.

Mash Schedule

Get 26 liters (7 gal) of water to a temperature of 71C (160 F). Add the grains to the bag and mash at 66-67C (152 F)  for 75 minutes.

At the end of 75 minutes, mash out at 75-76C (168 F) for 10 minutes and lift the bag. Do not squeeze the bag.

Your pre-boil gravity should be close to: 1.037.  Boil for 60 minutes.

Fermentation & Bottling

Ferment at 16-18C for 2 weeks, then cold condition at 5C (41 F) for another week.

Bottle with 127g (4.5 oz) of dextrose or keg for 2.5 vols.

Technical Notes

Pre-boil Gravity: 1.037

OG (Original Gravity): 1.042

FG (Final Gravity): 1.009

ABV (Alcohol): 4.4%

IBUs (Bitterness Units): 22