Label of the Other Bird Dark Lager

Before the Pour

Marcel’s View:

Well, this is a rather nice label. Interesting shape, I like that shape! Good use of space, and generally appealing. Nice label paper too, which of course, is something I’m into. I’m a bit weird that way.

My only issue is the bottle size, but I realize that I’m fighting a losing battle on that front.

The 440 ml is an endangered species nowadays. Sadness.

Matt’s View:

I also like the label. It’s funky and tongue-in-cheek and that’s always welcome. Not 100% sold on the name of the brewery to be honest.. Isn’t it just a bit on the nose? Oh well.

But apart from that, the styling, design, and shape of the labeling are all spot-on and can’t really be faulted. Good use of fonts. Interesting blurb as well. Good one, Poison City!

In the Glass

Marcel’s View:

Mmm. Interesting take on the dark lager. Very smooth, roasty, and ultimately to-style. Clean aroma. Color is nice and dark cola, which is a joy to behold, really.

More roasted than some dark lagers I’ve had. The roasted malts kinda hit me at the back of the throat a bit, but I’m pretty sensitive to their effects. Overall a well-made beer, no flaws, refreshing without being overly challenging.

I can see this doing well with fans of the style. Just that I’m not that big a fan of the style, really. Apart from the & Union version of it, probably the best dark lager I’ve tasted locally.

Matt’s View:

Good, solid dark color. Nice lacing. First taste: a bit like Guinness Export, actually. Some burnt chocolate flavors coming through on second tasting, but not entirely unpleasant.

Final Verdict: Will it go to Mars?

Marcel’s View:

To-style, it does the job. I think it’s a good example of dark lager and above-average at that. A solid beer without flaws. Given that I’m just not that in love with the style, which I find a bit flat, I can’t get overly excited about it.

So, unfortunately, this one’s staying on Earth.

Matt’s View:

It’s a good, solid and credible beer. A good example of a dark lager, but I miss the richness I associate with darker beers.

So ultimately, this one won’t go into the cargo hold. But there are no issues with the competence of the brewers here. Well done, Poison City!

The Scores




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