Before the Pour

Marcel’s View:

I am a fan of the Jozi-centric design ideas here. And the art deco graphics do the label justice. Also: great additional info on the beer stats (e.g. IBUs and SRMs) and food pairings. Very nicely done.

Could it be that New Brixton’s still hanging in there with the 440 ml bottle? I for one salute them for that choice! Give me more beer!

Matt’s View:

The label is fresh. Very few of the usual (and boring) craft beer tropes. I appreciate the Jozi skyline barcode production. Very nifty. It’s a well designed, standout bottle. Well done. Also like the beer geek data, which is sorely lacking in many other brands.

But do check spelling guys. Just saying.

In the Glass

Marcel’s View:

Good amber colour on the pour. On the nose, this beer has plenty of interest. I’m getting candy floss, toffee, and malty aromatics. A nice, rich brew with good head and fine lacing.

The taste is spot-on for an English Bitter. You’ve got a solid malty backbone playing well with earthy and herbaceous hop bitterness. The beer also finishes nice and dry. I may have mentioned in previous reviews that I love dry finishing beers, and this one is a great example of that!

I’m getting some woody notes at the end, but that might be my imagination. Fruity and aromatics from the yeast and malts also make me want another almost immediately. A solid example of a curiously under-represented beer style here in SA.

Matt’s View:

It pours a deep copper colour with a big, dense and creamy head. Also: good lacing. Nice!

Caramel malts come out strong for me in the aroma with a slight sugary sweetness.

It has a strong malty taste upfront but with a clean, crisp finish. I’m also getting some dried fruit like currants and dates, which is quite pleasant. Important to serve this one a bit warmer, the flavors develop nicely as it warms.

I really like this beer. It reminds me of classic UK bitters I had when I lived there working as a lion tamer in the circus (just kidding: Matt was the bearded lady).

Final Verdict: Will it go to Mars?

Marcel’s View:

This is a great beer and a great representation of the Bitter style. Given that we don’t have one of these in the cargo hold, I’m voting for it to go along to Mars. Yes please!

Matt’s View:

Yip. This one’s going with to Mars. I’m especially enjoying the caramel flavors. Easy drinking and pleasant. A very accomplished, competently made ale. Well done, New Brixton Brewery!

The Scores




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