American amber ales are fantastic all-rounder beers. Refreshing in summer and moreish in winter. Also: they go really, really well with BBQ, meats, cheeses and all the other foods that make you feel good about life.

Here it is. Enjoy this crisp, flavorsome beer with some hearty winter food or as a refreshing libation at the end of a long day!

For a 19 liter (5 Gallon) batch, You will need:

Malt & Specialty Grains
(Grains for Steeping)

300g Caramunich III Caramel Malt
120g Caramunich I Caramel Malt
60g Carafa Special I Chocolate Malt


2.35 kgs Dried Malt Extract


12g Warrior @ 60 minutes
10g Cascade @ 15 minutes
28g Cascade in the whirlpool


1 tsp Irish Moss @ 10 minutes


11.5 g packet of US-05 Dry Yeast or similar American yeast.

Technical Notes

OG (Original Gravity): 1.044
FG (Final Gravity): 1.011
ABV (Alcohol): 4.4%
IBUs (Bitterness Units): 30