Welcome to the new look, revamped Beginner Brewer website. We’re still all about geekery and solid advice for homebrewers, but with more horses under the hood, bounty hunters on our trail, and quality stuff that beer fans will love!

So what’s new?

Well apart from our new look and logo, you may notice a few other rather nifty bits and pieces:

Revamped Blog Articles

We’ve updated just about all the blog articles, thus making them fresh and lovely and smelling of baby powder (or something). Check out our new 8-part beginner brewing series, which takes you from zero to homebrewing hero in the time it takes you to build that Millenium Falcon Lego kit you got for Christmas.

We’ll also be publishing brand new content, all in the service of making you a better, more rounded homebrewer.

New Beer Reviews

We’re going to be drinking more beer than ever before. Wait, that came out wrong. What I mean is we’ll be reviewing more beer this year than ever before! And it won’t just be the local stuff. So keep an eye out for awesome reviews on our Beer Review page.

Scum, Beer & Villainy 2019

Podcasting is our jam, as you know, and we’ll be recording more episodes of Scum, Beer & Villainy than ever before.

Oh it’s on baby, it’s on!

We’ve been rather useless at getting them out the door last year (sorry), but we’ve got some new tech we bought from some dodgy chaps who drive around in this big tracked thing that just might make a difference. Just saying.

The Cantina Chronicle

We know that you live busy lives. We know that you love brewing beer and reading about craft beer geekery. We know what you did last night at that dodgy bar. Just kidding.

The Cantina Chronicle: 8/10 one-armed victims of Jedi aggression prefer it as their craft beer and homebrewing news source of choice

A new feature of Beginner Brewer is our awesome newsletter, the Cantina Chronicle. Subscribe to this bad boy and receive monthly updates, content and articles that will tide you over and make regular life just that little bit less horrible.

We’re also planning to provide content only found in the newsletter, so don’t miss out on this one!

So what’s coming next?

At Beginner Brewer, we’re always coming up with new stuff to make your homebrewing adventures that much more adventurous. We’re also dedicated to brewing education and having an obscene amount of fun while teaching others how to brew.

So this year, we’ll be rolling out a brand new video channel, with how-to vids, reviews, and anything else our dark and twisted minds can conjure up.

We will probably also launch an e-learning channel for more formal, hardcore learning. This will be a premium, subscription service, but hey, we’ve gotta pay them bills (i.e. beer fridge supplies).

Watch this space.

Also: We love you

We really do. I’m not just saying that. Over the years, we’ve had fantastic feedback, interactions, and beers with our readers and students. We can’t wait for more good times. Thanks for your support and keep on brewing awesome beer!